Our Blessings

Our Blessings

A very heart felt thank you to the people that God has placed in the path of Team Blessing who help support the ministry in so many different ways.  We are in this place because of your love and support.  You are prayed for and counted among our many blessings!

To my husband who helps to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and my eyes on Jesus:

  • J Michael Stebbins, PhD

To our dedicated Contributors who have given of their time, talent and treasure:

  • Stebbins Family
  • Fredgren Family
  • Bob and Lela Feuerborn
  • Steve and Renee Leach
  • Trevor and Olivia Stebbins
  • Christopher Burgwald, PhD
  • Deacon John Devlin
  • Andrew Leach
  • Rhonda Kelsey

To our faith filled Prayer Warriors who pray for us and the ministry:

  • Terri Larsen
  • Beth DeRuyter
  • Annette Lint
  • Amy DeBondt
  • Paula Jones