Tough Stuff

This blog is dedicated to Job, who, for an ordinary human, had an EXTRAORDINARY amount of suffering. He repeatedly pleaded with God like any normal person would and yet stayed faithful to him. God showed up and blessed Job in ways he hadn’t imagined were possible. The story in the Book of Job is a story for today.

This blog is also dedicated to anyone who has ever been a victim of and/or a contributor to the whole original sin mess like Job was. We holler, “I didn’t ask for this! How could this be happening?” or “Why did I do it?” It started in the Garden (Genesis). Adam and Eve decided God wasn’t enough and went to “the apple” for their needs – which resulted in separation from God. That was the first sin or introduction of the “tough stuff,” if you will. Look for the Blessing Ministries was born of people like that. We need to get personal with God so we can have all the best stuff and be free of the “tough stuff” when we get to heaven. He knows people keep choosing crap and so He gave us Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get us through it and teach us how to do things His way. It can be hard to find Him in the mess.

We have come together to say LOUDLY and CONFIDENTLY that there is a blessing in every situation because God is in charge. We have lived it. Suffering is real and horrible crap happens; worse than horrible – horrifying.  As we see it, while we are in the horrible or the “tough stuff”, we need His friendship. The more we are with Him, the greater our chance of seeing what good He brings out of it – the blessing. “God turns all things for good for those who love him” (Rom 8:28). God comforts us, and Jesus has already won all of these battles. We will give real-life examples of how this is possible. It is. We promise.

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