Words from Jesus

God interacts with you and me. Thankfully, it is constant on His end. His goal is to get us to let Him take care of us. We’re tired of being in charge but we often don’t know it; we’re tired of over-managing, controlling everything. We hear and notice just a fraction of what He is saying and doing. At some points the Holy Spirit has helped me hear or see God in a way that was meaningful to me. Sometimes it has changed me and my life in an instant, even to the point of healing me or removing pain while I sat with Him. Contact with Jesus has been the most comforting and encouraging thing I’ve found – ever.

When we surrender – when we let Him hold “it all” for a moment – He shows up in a way that lets you and me find Him. Whatever He says to any of us can, if it’s shared, be helpful to all of us because it shows what God is like and how he loves today, right now. It always mirrors scripture if it is really a message or thought from Him. Jesus says in Mark 13:23, “I have already told you everything you need to know.” Your experience will not be the same as mine. It will be unique. Do not try to choreograph it ahead of time. Just show up. Read something from the Bible. Ask Him about it. Let Him love you and show you…… “stuff”.
Some of what He has taught me follows here. Use what is meaningful to you and pass it on. It was given to me for free; or maybe I should say, to get free.

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