This is the place I have been “arriving” towards for 47 years. (I won’t pretend that that sentence is grammatically correct). It seems to me that, through the events of my life, God has been leading me to a “give it away” place, which has now become Look for the Blessing Ministries. I have to be honest, I often looked for explanation and meaning for the series of events in my life; what has seemed like an epic story at times. As I hit bottom, God showed up. Differently. He brought Jesus and the Holy Spirit with Him. The Spirit led me to a surrender that I had never known before. He gently prompted me, talked to me, and allowed me to fall. He raised my hands for me, laughed with me, and, at times, just sat and cried with me. The most remarkable thing God has taught me is surrender. Not a “give up” surrender, but a surrender to Him. That is the Holy Spirit’s signature move. The Spirit makes something possible in one moment what was not humanly possible the moment before; that’s grace. When I cooperated with that sweet Spirit, God made the good times great and the bad times better.

In the coming months, I will share more about these experiences. For now, I will just say that God has taught me that ongoing surrender is the ticket to living the movie that is our lives, and God is the author. What we see during surrender can truly make us want to see and be a part of His story for us. When we willingly participate in God’s script, we often feel compelled by the Spirit to introduce a friend to this surrender; to His script for their lives. Once we do it, we want to bring others to it.

Welcome to Look for the Blessing Ministries. Today is the first day of this new thing God is doing. If you are reading this, I hope the Holy Spirit is inviting you to be a part of it; to just show up.

Look for the Blessing,

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