Words from Jesus: Made Me

MKS journal 12/08/15

God gave Mary Kay these words:

“So You took the time to think up the idea of me. You decided when to make me. Then You decided how my heart would work and how to give me a soul and how my body would form and how tall I would be and made my skin and my fingers – You spent time with me and time just ..on ..me. You planned to love me specifically in each circumstance and moment of my life. It was as if nothing else was going on when I was thought of and made, because Your intense love and action was focused fully on me. I am on purpose and for a purpose and God thought me up. “

This creation moment is when I, Mary Kay, first knew God. I didn’t have free will in God creating me. Thank you Lord for not giving me a choice about that. What if I had missed out on this? On being me and being me with you, God. In the good times and the bad, You loved me the same with all Your strength. You make the good times great and the bad times better. You are enough in ANY situation.

This is your creation story too. We just don’t remember it. This is when we first knew God and this is the experience He builds on, we build on. The conversation with Jesus that we awkwardly try for, that we fumble through, was already in place. Let’s just help each other remember that and pick up where we left off. This REALLY happened…. TO YOU.

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